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afford to lose just 23 house relationships and some tea parties are not going along. >> i cannot. i'm committed to not raising the debt keeling. >> if it passes, it will go for a vote in the senate. all 53 democratic caucus members signed a letter saying they'll vote against it republicans can not get the short term band yaid they'll vote on in the house today. they'll not get one democrat to vote in the senate. >> democrat back a rival bill by the democratic leader hairy reid. and he'd raise it until 2013. republicans claim he's full after kting gimmick autos they tend to vote against the only piece of legislation that has a chance of preventing this from happening. >> with no clear path to get the deal done, the white house is frustrated. >> we need to get beyond voting on dead on arriveal
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measures. >> and with so few days to go, some are urging the president to bypass congress entirely, passing the debt ceiling himself, by invoking the 14th amendment. that is the constitutional amendment that says the federal government guarantees it will pay all of its bills. larry, back to you. >> john, the house bill hopes to have a vote tonight. what is likely to happen after that vote takes place? because democrats have made it clear they're not going to go for this. this appears the stalemate is going to continue. >> it will. and what is going to happen is that if they get a vote, it will either pass or won't pass. if it won't pass, it's dead f it passes it goes to the senate. we're clear they'll table it, meaning that is going to be the last action that happens, then there will be a rival bill by hairy reid. that bill does not have enough votes to pass, either.
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but what each side is hoping is that the clock will run out and whichever bill is last is the one they're going to have to settle on. democrats hoping it's a re dismt d's bill. we know brinksmanship is going run until the end. >> seems like a race to the edge of the cliff here. >> san francisco police say they have now recovered a gun that kill aid seattle parole violateor two weeks ago. a gun police believe he fired, killing himself. vic lee is live with this new development in the controversial shooting. vic? >> you said it right. this has been a controversial shooting right from the start. it's aftermath, surprising developments and suspicion among some in the bay view that police weren't telling facts that they were covering up. and then, the test results started coming up and now, of course, the most crucial,
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most-important piece of evidence has been discovered. police say they found the gun. a 380 semi automatic pistol. >> as a saturday we received information we had the gun. we actually worked through investigations to contact a person. the knew it's where abouts and we're able to get it back. >> the blurred image on the right side of this cell phone video taken at the crime scene appears to be that gun. police say someone picked up a weapon from the crime scene. police recovered from a parole's home several days later turned out to be the wrong gun. now, saying there is no doubt they have the right one. >> now, we're very happy. the tested positive to match the round retrieved from mr. harding. >> the 19-year-old was killed july 16th, after police say he fired on officers who were n
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the bay view. and harding was a person of interest in this murder. last week, investigators made surprising announcement after getting ballistic test results on the fatal bullet. >> we believe that this fatal wound was self inflicted. >> police believe harding accidentally shot himself in the head after suffering a gunshot wound to the leg during a shootout with officers. and we attended a rally at noon today. a group was protesting the facts surrounding harding's death. we asked the group about this development and many in the crowd, most don't believe that police have the right gun, and most of them don't believe that harding shot himself. >> and one of the two men accused of killing a woman and setting her body on fire was arraigned in an oakland courtroom today. hector garcia face aid judge. they are accused of killing a
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21-year-old and dumping her body on a oakland street before setting the body on fire. her family was in court today for arraignment. >> what can i tell you about my daughter? she was a beautiful girl. a dored her. she was my only daughter, i can never image that this would happen to my girl. wednesday the 13th was the last day we were together. >> police say she appeared to have been beaten before the body was set on fire but they do not know motive for the attack. >> the woman who allegedly broke into a hotel room of alex trebek appeared in court today, ordered to stay 150 yards away from trebek and his wife. and she is accused of stealing cash, a bracelet and other items from trebek's san francisco hotel room. the host says he ruptured his achilles tendon after trying to chase her down. >> san francisco's november
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ballot just got shorter. a judge reiterating yesterday's order. the proposed ban on male circumcision will no longer be decided by voters. and this judge says she believes there is legitimate debate but that was not the issue before her today. her ruling means voters won't weigh in unless it's overturned on al yeel. they call themselves inactivists, believing again talls of baby boys should remain intact. no circumcision before age 18. they made that argument outside of the courtroom... >> consent is what is appropriate. >> and inside. they were defending a proposed november ballot measure asking voters to ban the procedure. >> this is one of the places in the world that protects
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human rights more than any in the world. we have a right for reasonable health and safety requirements to protect our babies. >> he says female circumcision is outloued -- outlawed in this country. why not for boys? but the supreme court judge says this is not a discussion about pros and cons of circumcision, but about the law. >> this is an area that is preempted by state law. >> she says does not allow local governments to regulate medical procedures. the judge said the option of trying to change the ballot language to target religious, rather than medical circumcisions would violate the first amendment. >> it's a believe it's an obligation upon all muslims to perform for young boys. >> muslim and jewish individuals and organizations have sued. >> we didn't want to see mr. scofield legislate away
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our religious tradition. >> is he the man behind the proposed measure saying his group is likely to appeal this case. would it need to be heard and resolved quickly.. >> and how unusual is it to have an initiative removed from the ballot? >> he says it's unusual to have a measure legally kicked off the ballot. he remembers only one and says that was prop m in 2004, which targeted affordable housing demolition. >> so you know they had to collect 12,000. they did collect more than that from san francisco residents. those folks would presumably be on their side. and the jernts for disease control reports nationwide, the percentage of parents choosing the procedure for
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their baby boys dropped over the past decade. >> and some bay area men are being called heroes. prosecutors in florida filed felony battery and assault charges against the two. police say they punched the pilot after being ordered off a flight traveling from miami to san francisco. and one reportedly to have the pilot killed. witnesses say the brothers appeared to be drunk or on drugs. >> there is a scuffle that took place. three, four of us went out there and tackled this guy. i guess the pilot ended up with some contusions on his face and so we just did what we needed to do. >> they held two men down for 10 minutes until authorities arrived in miami and took them into custody. >> and good samaritans in san
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jose being hailed heroes after quick action helped save a father and daughter found at the bottom of a swimming pool. the near drownings happened last night at regency park town homes. wife and mother went to check and saw their bodies at the bottom of the pool. several people in a hot tub came to the rescue, one man pulled them out and another began giving the 6-year-old girl cpr. >> within a minute or so, they was -- she was coughing up. we turb turned our attention to the man. kind of a scary moment. >> both father and daughter were taken to the hospital. they have since been released. and both are expected to be okay. wow. >> time for a check of the accu-weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is here with that for us. >> it's going to be warmer tomorrow inland. today we didn't see much warming. draft, temperatures fell. and this evening, mid-70s, tomorrow morning, areas of fog and low 50s to low 60s,
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afternoon featuring warm conditions inland and high clouds, temperatures typical. mid 60 to mid-90s, will warmth hold on throughout the weekend? i'll be back to let you know in just a few minute autos thank you. >> and pg&e agrees to dig up a section of pipe that could be crucial to the investigation into last year's explosion in san bruno, ahead. >> and do you constantly check your smart phone? researchers say it's become a new addiction. i'll let you know how to kick the habit. >> please, let me know. and the documentary premier that caused a riot in l.a.. >> it's slow going on a number of freeways now this, is a san francisco skyway. you can see approach to the bay bridge is just crawling. and not much better as you head south. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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pg&e is complying with an order to dig up a section of pipe that part of a line that blew up in september. the california public utilities commission ordered excavation as part of the investigation into that explosion. the stretch of pipe is being dug up, installed in 1948 and inactive since mid-50s, quality of the pipe and welds have come under scrutiny since the investigation uncovered welds had exploded were bad. >> get ready to pay more for car repairs. it's a warning from american society of civil engineers. this morning, the group presented its report card on the bay area infrastructure, engineers say if $3 billion more is not invested on maintaining roadways, we'll start to see a breakdown of
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basic services. roads are already getting a d plus grade and pot holes costing us a ton. >> this individual is going pay $1200 and $1500 a year on vehicle maintenance because alignments are going out, engine mounts getting broke. >> and there is good news here. the bay area got a better grade than it did six years ago. mayor ed lee says he's supporting a bond on the november ballot to invest $248 million on city roadway autos checking medical news now, the number of women suffering strokes during pregnancy is on the rise. a new report from cdc found a 54% increase in pregnancy-related strokes between 1995 and 2005, some causes include older women getting pregnant and known risk factors such as obesity. over all, the right after this sk low, only about 1 in a thousand deliveries but
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experts say the report shows how important sit for women conceiving to maintain a healthy life style. >> scientists believe a long-lasting flu vaccine could be ready in the next five years. the national institutes of health says it will protect against all strains of the disease replacing annual shots we now use. a universal vaccine designed to target parts of the flu virus that every change this, comes as washington debates whether or not to slash the agency's budgets. and a new study finds checking your smart phone can be addictive. european researchers found many users developed what they called checking habits, repetitive checks of e mail such as facebook. and the study subjects checked their phone 34 times per day. experts say every time you get an e mail it's positive feed back you're an important person. so reaching for your phone becomes automatic z for people who want to kick the habit
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they recommend acknowledging there is a probably, larry. and. >> i feel so important. losing the phone also helps, if you like warm and sunny, you're going to enjoy the next few days, hi, sandhya. >> we're going to see 90s inland next couple days, as a matter of fact, today, we've seen temperatures getting up into low 90s in places like antioch and livermore. as you take a look at satellite picture, the fog has been soggy in the coastline all day long. and there is sun and it's been cooler and the marine layer deepened overnight. temperatures inland. you can see 70s and 80s around the bay. reaches -- beaches low 60s, fog tonight, warmer inland tomorrow, we're taking a look at mild to warm weather for weekend. so we do have some terrific weather for weekend if you're making plans already. there is a look.
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there is a hot air mass continuing to impact inland areas, we'll go with warm days inland. circulation around a ridge in the upper layers will bring in subtropical moisture. so if you're traveling to tahoe or yosemite, watch out for possibility of thunderstorms this weekend. isolated in nature for friday afternoon is becoming more scattered saturday and sunday. and moisture bringing thunderstorm threat. there is temperatures into. >>s except antioch at near 60 degrees, fog near the coast and bay this, morning, it took its sweet time to burn away, why temperatures didn't climb up like expected. highs for friday into into the south bay, 87 degrees in los gatos. low 80s for santa clara. you'll see some of the high clouds moving your way. owe low 80s with sunshine and for redwood city, near the coastline, fog, keeping you
4:19 pm
into 60s so there is downtown san francisco, 66 degrees and 63 into the sunset district. taking a look at the north bay, 60s by beaches but we're getting into 90s range for cloverdale. 82 degrees in santa rosa. head towards east bay, and it's a mild day. 72 in oakland. 80 degrees castro valley inland this is a summer warmth we expect. 94 degrees antioch. and 74 in santa cruz. 68 degrees in monterey. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. it's warm weather inland, a little bit warmer inland tomorrow, mid-90s, mid-60s at beaches, we'll keep it in that range saturday. and there is a drop off sunday. not a lot of change beyond that. and there is pleasant looking weather. >> next weekend. >> thanks sandhya a documentary got people worked up last night in los angeles. >> and there is more or the
4:20 pm
reason on the riot. >> big news in hollywood is last night's riot in the streets of l.a.. fans gathered at grumann's chinese theater for a documentary. dj cascade arrived on a flat bed truck an hour before the show. a massive crowd filled hollywood boulevard, blocking traffic. the premier was cancelled as police in riot gear ordered crowds to disperse this, fight broke out. authorities used rubber bullets and bean bag guns to subdue the crowd, no serious injuries were reported. amy winehouse left behind many unreleased track that's could reportedly end up in a posthumous album. sales of her first album has soared. her estate has not approved a release of new material. it's time to celebrate latinos in entertainment. and selena gomez is among a
4:21 pm
2011 alma award and head to head with christina aguilera and cameron diaz at at wards show september 15th. >> and up next, sand in britain. why authorities say julia roberts looks too good in this ad. >> and midway rise aren't the only things making hartsz pound at the state fair. we'll run through the artery-clogging elements. >> and a mountain lion moved in too close for one homeowner. what ended up scaring him away. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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britain banned a makeup ad featuring julia roberts because it's heavily air brushed. take a look. here is what the ad looks like. and here is an unretouched photo. experts say it appears the ad enhanced her makeup, eye lashes, smoothed out skin and removed black lines and crow's feet. she looks great in both. officials ruled it amounts to false advertising. >> retouching wasn't just style liftic, but trying to pretend the product would achieve something it won't achieve. >> loreal respond bid saying it's disappointed and it does not believe the ad exage rates affects that can be achieved using it's products. >> are you hungry? really hungry? introducing a big kahuna doughnut burger. this is debutting next month, consisting of a quarter pound beef patty, cheese, bacon and
4:25 pm
kicker is a glazed doughnut in place of a burger bun that. is weekly supply of grease and sugar all at once, everybody. all at 1500 calories, the mcdonald's big mac is a mere 540 calorie autos i don't see that working. >> i have a feeling it will for some people. >> it's the fair, right? >> coming up, we're still waiting for a house vote on the debt keeling. >> what is taking so long? we'll talk about the alternatives if the vote does not take place. and live in east oakland, a sad story with a tragic ending. a good samaritan shot yesterday has died. i'll have the latest coming up. >> from our high definition sutro camera, mount diablo sitting under sunny skies. and it will remain sunny as long as you're way from beaches. the forecast is coming up. if
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a man dedicated to providing meals for those in need in oakland died after a gunshot wound to the head. >> brother john gunned down yesterday morning. his wife and one young daughter was also shot in what police are calling a senseless crime.
4:29 pm
>> carolyn and larry, brother john died at 10:30 last night, police today are telling us they still have no motives and no suspects. at the place where the man known as brother john handed out his last meal to the homeless there is just a simple memorial left behind by those with legal else to give. on the rough streets this, shooting does not make sense. a man who was just trying to go do the right thing is dead. and today, the last man he helped before he died is left wondering if it was all worth it. >> at this point in time is... how weird world is becoming. your slif worth nothing no more. it's nothing out here. people shoot someone because of the hell of it? because they want it to? it's not right. >> here, he delivered food during what he called midnight outreach with his wife and daughters he's brother john. his real name is paris powell,
4:30 pm
just 29 years old. but last night, brother john was taken off life support at highland hospital and pronounced dead less than 24 hours after being shot in the head while serving fish dinners from the back of his van. >> i'm the last person he talked to. i'm the last one of everything. >> brother john's pregnant wife was grazed by a bullet. one of his daughters, shot in the arm. investigators do not have a motive for a crime that left the police chief and mayor outraged. >> most of the time murders are related to domestic violence or drugs or gangs. this one is not explainable. at all. >> i want to give a message. the message i want to give is that oakland police department is coming. >> police say there are witnesses, again, and they have come forward and are helping with this investigation. but so far, authorities have yet to release any suspects
4:31 pm
description or a description of that vehicle. and the witness that we spoke to says the shooter was driving a late model turquoise ford arrow star van. >> and beyond releasing his name, it seems little is known about brother john or his background. have you been able to learn more about him? >> this is interesting. there is not a lot coming out about him. he's 29 and an oakland resident. we know he's been working out in that area where he was shot for more than a year now going out to serve the homeless in that community what. not doing that he runs a small nonprofit that work was homeless and female victims of domestic violence. we know he was married, and his wife is pregnant and they have two daughters together. >> and house leaders have delayed voting on a g.o.p.
4:32 pm
bill to keep the government from defaulting on bills. house aids expect to it happen later this evening. speaker john boehner has been struggling to line up votes to pass this proposal. it raises the debt limit through next year. the speak jerz it cuts $900 billion over next decade w out a deal, government could default starting next tuesday. and boehner's plan faces opposition from senate democrats, white house and members of the tea party. >> this bill is not perfect. i never said it was perfect. and what this bill reflects is a sincere effort to end this crisis. >> i cannot and am committed to not raising the debt ceiling. >> republicans can not get one democratic vote in the senate. >> abc 7's bruce cane has been watching drama surrounding the debate and joins us now live
4:33 pm
from washington, d.c.. bruce, any word on why today's vote in the house was postponed? >> they're not saying, but suspicion in wash is very wide. what's happening is that they're having trouble rounding up the last vote and the last thing they want to do is go forward, not knowing whether there is a vote count. it would be humiliating to lose on the floor and also, with would show a level of incompetence not being able to count votes wex expect what zboing on is that he's trying to nail it down before presenting the vote, publicly. >> we heard from michelle bachmann it seems he's facing a lot of opposition from tea party members. >> absolutely. this unheard of. in the past, speakers have been able to round up votes by various means, threatening them with everything from not giving them support, financial support or offices but there is a bunch of freshman that have come in here with a
4:34 pm
mandate. they're absolutely convinced unless they stick to this mandate, that they will be failing. and so... they're not just listening to mr. boehner. and this makes the negotiations very hard for him. and it comes in a crucial time. it would be very difficult for him to retain the speakership if he can't keep people in line for a vote like this. >> is some kind of compromise possible at this point? or have both sides backed them selfs into a corner? >> i think that is a really important question. the real question is whether the congress can come to a compromise fchl they can't, will president obama take matters into his hands and exercise the constitutional option and simply by executive order increase the debt ceiling? it's not what the president wants to do. politically, it would be hard are for him. he wants to have some sign of
4:35 pm
moving forward on reducing the deficit. so putting the debt ceiling up would be costly for him. faced with alternative, which is that we may go into default and it could cause financial chaos, most people are betting that he would take action. so... this first choice is to have compromise but this may not be possible. >> how much damage has this done to the economy? >> it's done some damage. the market has reflected the uncertainty. and but you know... down the road what people are looking for is will there be a down grade in the u.s. bonds and triple a to double a? that could happen if they raise the debt ceiling if people that do ratings don't believe there is a sufficient commit tomt reduce the deficit over the next 10 years, then it's possible we'll see a down grade if they go ahead and raise the debt ceiling. so that question will not be
4:36 pm
answered definitely tonight, even if they can come to a compromise in the next four, five days. >> it's challenging times ahead. thank you for your time. >> still to come on the news at 4:00 police say they stopped an awol soldier just in time. investigators are sure this soldier was plotting a homeland attack, and soon. >> later, russian plan for a final flash down for the international space station. >> 4:36 this afternoon, checking traffic. highway 80 is slow going heading east. on the right side of the screen traffic moving well at this point. sandhya is here with a look at the travel forecast. >> thing things looking fine. green lights across the western us us and as we travel across central u.s., no major delays being reported except newark. 15-owe minute delays so gate holds and taxi delays, i'll be back with a local look ináñáñáñi
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police in texas say they've averted what could have been another deadly attack at fort hood. >> the army says this soldier had weapons stashed in a motel room and admitted he was planning an attack. >> abc tj winnik reports. >> reporter: authorities believe they've averted another massacre after arresting a soldier sthe say was planning a devastating attack. >> military personnel were a
4:40 pm
target. >> the 21-year-old private first class was an awol soldier granted status this year due to his muslim faith. this was an interview he did with al jazeera. >> i can't be a muslim and do them both. >> police reportedly found enough material for two bombs in his motel room, gun powder, shotgun shells, 18 pounds of sugar, and christmas lights, and backpack with jihadi lit trat tour he was taken down quickly without incident. >> according to documents obtained by abc news he told law enforcement he wanted to get even and was inspire bid 2009 attack on fort hood allegedly committed in which 13 people were killed. he hoped to detonate bombs in two restaurants before using a pistol to shoot survivors. >> you get a certain group of people and hopefully it's a
4:41 pm
small group to decide they want to use the military to launch their own philosophies in this case. and he was apparently angry over charges he was facing for possessing child pornography. he insists he was only charged because he was trying to leave the army. >> and still ahead what has to happen to give electric car sales a jolt. a study pin points the answer. >> and later, catherine middleton's ride before she was a princess. a young man could get a fortune for her old car.
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4:44 pm
a 10-year-old volkswagon only getting more valuable. a 2001 golf used to belong to kate middleton. the new duchess. the 21-year-old man whose dad bought him the car put it on ebay. he got bids up to $78,000. and he's now closed the auction saying he can wait to sell the car. there are waiting lists to buy the ford focus but production is stalled because the machinery making dash boards for the focus is not working. that is forcing ford to keep assembly lines moving but the focus was the top selling u.s. passenger car last month. >> in tech news, customers of
4:45 pm
ora cull kel may be getting better service soon arks qiring inquirea, specializing in collecting and sharing information through online forums. >> and looks like things dworing to have to get worse before electric cars catch on nationwide. we have that and the affect of the debt showdown on stocks. >> there is no surprise on wall street today. we did see early gains in the stock market but that fizzled out. the debt talks intensified. take a look. there is nasdaq closing higher on the day this, as democratic leader hairy reid says he'll move to kill republican john boehner's debt ceiling proposal. several things will have to play out before electric car was catch on. and this study says gas prices will have to reach $4.50 per
4:46 pm
gallon and also, battery technology will have to improve and of course, the price will have to be more competitive with conventional car. and plug in electric hybrids cost about $5400 more than gas powered cars and should fall over the next 10-20 years and gas becomes more expensive that. is your latest look at business at new york stork exchange. >> and we want to hear how recession is changing and impacting your life. and record it on your own cell phone and upload it to us and so we can tell your story on the air. >> there is a tropical storm heading for texas. people hoping it will wash out one thing thriving in this drought. >> we're looking to see how clear and crisp the tide is in different condition autos putting e readers to the test.
4:47 pm
michael finney shows which three are worth considering. >> and the government is now looking to pay you if you have the next big start up idea. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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a live look now at golden gate bridge. fog is creeping back in. you can't see the tops of the towers there and it's slow going heading to marin for folks coming into the city traffic is moving nicely now. >> and if you're looking to buy an e book reader there are more choices now. consumer reports put a dozen of them to the test. and michael finney is here now with results. >> these days more people are trading regular books for e book readers like the nook from barns and noble. sales almost doubled in the last year alone.
4:51 pm
>> it's easy. and i can get whatever books i want. i don't have to worry about ordering them. >> i can sit in the easy chair and plug it in. i get going. >> testers have also begun evaluating the new reader from borders. a key test? how easy the screen is to read. >> this is looking to see how clear and crisp the type is. >> testers used lights to simulate outdoor sun. those that don't have a back light are much more readable in bright light. another test sizes up how quickly pages turn, which can make a big difference. in this comparison, e book reader on the right takes twice as long to turn a page. consumer reports says there are three e book readers worth considering. the nook simple touch reader, kindel wifi and kobo touch edition.
4:52 pm
if color is a priority, consumer reports says the $250 nook color is your best choice. it offers rich color, great for those who read a lot of magazines. consumer reports says if you want a black and white reader you can save money but getting amazon's kindel wi-fi with special offers that displays ads and costs $115, a $25 savings. and there are special offers and discounts from and a new tool is available to let students know how they'll break even financially. the sacramento bee created a calculater that allows to you choose the education, and a field of study, then calculate how long it will take to you pay off the investment. think forever, the way things are going. numbers show the price is
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still a sound venture. exception being those who major in social work and drama. >> and there is time for a last check of the forecast. >> sandhya patel is back. >> there is a nice looking ffk ffk -- forecast for you. there is slightly warmer weather inland. and and like today, fog will hang around, 60s at beaches. temperatures for friday, 93 livermore, morgan hill. up to 91 in fairfield. and there is very mild in fremont. and there is 71 in richmond. into the north bay, low 80s to be napa. along the coastline, mid-60s for san francisco and half
4:54 pm
moon bay. getting away for the weekend, mendocino, low 60s for afternoon highs, monterey, mid to upper 60s. and partly cloudy skies into weekend. and if you're traveling to tahoe or yosemite, keep this in mind. there is a threat of thunderstorms and there is isolated in nature for friday z you'll notice tahoe is 84 friday, low 80s over the weekend. and there is a threat of thunderstorms popping up beginning tomorrow, yosemite is warm in the low 90s for highs. you're looking at partly cloudy skies for friday. and there is a possibility of thunderstorms. and saturday, sunday, scattered showers and thunderstorms as moisture starts to work towards that area. here in the bay area, we're looking at a holding pattern. inland temperatures remaining into the 90s and there is
4:55 pm
temperatures where you should be for this time of the year. and thank you, sanda. you're going to like this next story. a weather event. an airline pilot snapped this photo of a monsoon cloud over calcutta, india this week. it's welcome because 60% of the country doesn't have irrigation. it's actually critical for watering crops there. >> and now, monsoon rains are below normal this year. >> fourth named storm of the hurricane season is churning towards south texas this afternoon. >> the storm's name is don. he's being welcomed in the lone star state. >> this may not look like a storm is on the way but emergency management teams are preparing for tropical storm don's arriveal. >> this is is going to be fast and making land fall by friday night. we're not talking something you can watch for next seven days. goitsing to be over with.
4:56 pm
>> that is disappointing for the lone star state. there is 75% of it mired in a miserable drought. last nine months, driest ever recorded. this pond used to provide water for cattle. 12 feet of water is gone, leaving behind nothing but dry, cracked mud. >> we thereof see a tropical storm bringing plenty of moisture. >> and lakes evaporate, algae are taking over what is left, forcing officials to shut them down. volunteers are working to rescue starving animals. it seems the only creatures thriving are grass hoppers. without fungal diseases caused by rainfall that keep them in check, they have taken over, eating what is left of the crops. >> we're just get big now. i don't know how much longer we can keep these cow autos they're praying don decides to stick around to ease the pain of the drought and put an end
4:57 pm
to the grass hopper feast. >> and russia announced the international space station could be headed for a watery grave but nasa says not so fast, my friend. >> saying it's beening to cash after its mission ends in 2020. some are concerned about hazardous space junk. >> nasa saying it's in talks to extend throughout the year 2028. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> this search is over. where san francisco police found a gun they say fired a fatal shot to a seattle man on the run from officers. >> this is one, two steps and over it. >> one teacher describes how he kurn -- jumped into agency
4:58 pm
to save a fairj and daughter from drowning. >> and start up idea that's could pay if you have what the government is looking for. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley there. is a critical development in the shooting death of a man san francisco police are chasing. >> investigators recovered the gun, killing the seattle parole violateor kenneth harding junior in the bay view district two weeks ago. vick, there is a tip from the public that helped in this case, right? yes. cheryl. there are apparently numerous people in the bay view community who helped police. as you said this is a controversial shooting but now, police have rye covered an important piece of evidence today at noon a group demonstrated to protest the death. many believe did he not shoot himself despite test result
4:59 pm
autos we have to do our own independent investigation because trust all of the allegations. i believe police are putting up a gun. >> police say they found the gun and the police chief says a bay view resident told police where the gun was. >> as of saturday we received information we had the gun. we worked through investigations to contact a person and we're able to get it back. >> blurred image on the right side of the video taken at the crime scene appears to be that gun. police say someone picked up up the weapon and this turned out to be the wrong gun. now, he says there is no doubt they have the right gun. >> we're happy it tested positive to match the round retrieved

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